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twnuta natalina grandi territorio collinare a gambellara

Our Values

love for the land told in the purity of the grapes
foglia territorio tenuta natalina grandi vini gambellara
the essence
of territory

The vineyards of Natalina Grandi Estate follow each other between the hills of the two areas, sinking their roots into a unique terroir that has volcanic origins. On the hill, in the Monte di Mezzo area, the grape yields are lower and this allows the production of more structured wines such as Recioto and Gambellara Classico. In the foothills area, instead, called the Giaroni locality, more fresh wines are produced such as Prosecco, the Garganega of Solo Lei white and the Ricordo, among the reds the Merlot which enriches the Riva dei Basalti with perfumes.  

biological agriculture
and internal supply chain

It has been certified since 2020, Natalina Grandi Estate exclude pesticides or herbicides and the treatments are limited to a minimum. The soil is fertilized with the agronomic practice of green manure, the mixture of herbs and flowers that becomes fertilizer. Even during the harvest the values of sustainability are respected, through manual harvesting: the grapes thus transfer a natural flavor to the wine, which excites. All production takes place within the Estate of owned land, from cultivation to long sparkling wine in modern autoclaves, up to isobaric bottling.


Every wine tells a story...

Solo Lei White is the Gambellara DOC made of 100% Garganega from the Giaroni foothills.
Col di Mezzo is Gambellara Classico DOC made with selected grapes from the hills of Monte di Mezzo.
Riva dei Basalti is the result of the drying of the Merlot grapes, with the refinement in wooden barrels.
Prosecco Millesimato DOC has a fine perlage due to the 100-day refermentation of pure Glera. The Memory in honor of the Foundress, is Gambellara Spumante DOC, enjoys an early harvest of the pure Garganega. The Recioto Spumante DOCG undergoes 120 days of drying and referments in an autoclave.
The Recioto Riserva DOCG, on the other hand, is a lively classic method, which only them has maintained.


Our History

from father to son for five generations
a story
of a family


5 generations of winemakers have passed among the Gambellara vines, owned by Grandi Family: out of passion for wine and love of the territory, the legacy was passed from father to son until 1991 when Natalina Grandi decided to open the winery. From a passion for craftsmanship it therefore became a profession, which her husband Giovanni Framarin and her children, Luca, Lisa and Valentina, decided to pursue and consolidate. Thus in 2016 the farm was transformed into the Natalina Grandi Estate until today.


The Framarin Family begins the cultivation of small plots of hilly land, natural artisan wine.

sale (62).png

Natalina Grandi opens the"Great Winery",the wines produced thus begin to be marketed.



The farm becomes Natalina Grandi Estate, focusing more on the ethics of producing and start to move to organic.


The farm obtains the complete certification of Organic Agriculture.


In addition to the introduction of new wine varieties, today it is possible to visit the cellar, participate in events and book guided tastings.

Our Vineyards

from the plain climb up the hill
Image by Ales Maze
the plain
and the hill


The greater freshness in the mouth and the marked acidity is typical of the products that come from the Gambellara plain, in the Giaroni area. With sediments carried by rivers, from gravel combined with volcanic soil, the plain gives flavor to the wines.

The hill instead, located in the Monte di Mezzo locality, produces wines with more important alcohol content, thanks to the sun exposure; it has lower yields caused by the thinness of the soil, but at the same time it has sparse bunches, which allow for greater aeration. According to DOCG regulations, Recioto is produced in the oldest classic area.

of the grapes


Natalina Grandi Estate works the grapes in purity. Garganega, Glera and Durello among the whites, Merlot, Tai Rosso and Carmenere among the reds, all become independent wines, without any blending with other grapes, also pure and organic.
The purity of the grapes makes production difficult but the result is high quality. The decisive taste, as a true connoisseur, makes the tasting delicious and the taste in the mouth unique.
The tasting tells the story of the vineyard, the terroir, the harvest and the production up to the glass.

Image by Jassy Onyae

Organic certification

Natalina Grandi Estate has decided to exclude chemicals on its vineyards. The treatments are limited to a minimum and the soil is mulched and fertilized with manure or green manure, an ideal mix of herbs and flowers to improve the soil. Even the harvest respects the values of sustainability, through manual harvesting.
All the wines produced by Natalina Grandi Estate are
Organic Certified .

From the Land to the Cellar

an internal supply chain to preserve THE purity
Image by Jonathan Farber


The great cultivation work of the Framarin family expresses the love for the land and its products: the vines are pruned with the Simonit and Sirch method, indulging and following the natural aptitude of the vine for branching and growth over time. Green pruning is done in spring, which takes away what the plant does not need.


Sustainability in cultivation, on the Natalina Grandi Estate, is also expressed in the non-use of fertilizers, replaced by the spreading of manure or green manure. 



To preserve the grapes from crushing, thus not risking that the must comes out during the harvesting phase, Cantina Grandi carries out the harvest manually, using the bins box.

The Framarin Family collects the grapes directly together with helpers: the moment of the harvest is a tradition for the children Luca, Lisa and Valentina and the father Giovanni. The harvested grapes are then subjected to soft pressing, which allows not to break the seeds.



The must is cleaned with static settling: placed in a tank, the temperature is lowered considerably to allow the dirty part to settle on the bottom. The remaining must is subjected to alcoholic fermentation.Transformed into wine, it passes to the second fermentation, to the various times and methods of aging on the fine lees and finally to the bottling.The result is a product totally branded Grandi. 

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sole lei NEW.png


to our terroir


Among the vines of Gambellara, owned by Grandi, they have passed well 5 generations of winemakers out of passion for wine and love of the land, the legacy was passed from father to son until 1991 when Natalina Grandi decided to open the winery. From a passion for homemaking it therefore became a profession, which her husband Giovanni Framarin and their children, Luca, Lisa and Valentina, decided to pursue and consolidate. So in 2016 the farm was transformed into the "Natalina Grandi Estate".

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