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Domande e Risposte

  • Why choose Tenuta Natalina Grandi?
    Because Tenuta Natalina Grandi is a winery that has been producing wine for 5 generations, attentive to the territory and autonomous in all work processes, which still harvests the grapes by hand, this as a guarantee of quality. It is very attentive to the satisfaction of its customers: the products are carefully stored in our warehouses at a controlled temperature, shipments take place in boxes specially developed to avoid physical shocks and sudden changes in temperature and times.
  • How much does it cost and how can I sign up?
    You don't need to register to browse the site. However, signing up for the site is free and simple and allows you to make purchases whenever you want.To register, simply click on the "login" icon at the top right and follow the guided procedure: you will receive an email at the chosen address, containing a link which you must click to complete and confirm ownership of the email address . It is advisable but not mandatory to subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about the latest news and special promotions that our Sommeliers select for you on a daily basis. and try our service with a welcome discount coupon!
  • How can I buy a product?
    All the products offered by Cantina Grandi can be purchased directly online. Once registered on the site, simply select the desired product/s and follow the purchase procedure, which will accompany you until the completion of your order, in a few clicks and comfortably from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Are my bottles safe in transit?
    Certainly yes, we at Cantina Grandi are very careful to ensure that the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition: shipments are made by express courier and our packaging consists of a double cardboard box developed to preserve the products from physical and thermal shocks. The transit times of the goods are reduced to a minimum.
  • Is it possible to order a product by telephone?
    Yes, you can contact the company directly on 0444/444102 and one of our operators will be available to help you in all phases of the purchase or directly insert an order on your behalf.
  • Which payment methods are accepted?
    You can pay with major credit and prepaid cards such as: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro.
  • Is it safe to pay by credit card?
    Paying by credit card on Cantina Grandi is safe and certified, because confidential data is not processed by our servers or by our staff but only by the banking circuit and is not stored in any database, neither ours nor the bank's. The transaction takes place via a secure and encrypted connection.
  • Do the prices indicated on your site include VAT?
    Yes, all prices include VAT.
  • How much are the shipping costs?
    Generally, shipping costs amount to €7.50 for shipments throughout Italy including the islands and are free for orders equal to or greater than €29.00. However, shipping costs can be fixed or variable, calculated based on the weight of the goods, the number of items selected and/or the destination address or be free in the case of specific promotions. In any case, you will always be informed of the amount of the shipping costs before concluding the purchase procedure and making the payment.
  • Is my personal data safe?
    Cantina Grandi is attentive to privacy and data security and adopts an SSL certificate with the highest degree of protection available today for web browsing and extended to all pages of the site: in this way your personal data is always encrypted.
  • I forgot my password, what can I do?"
    It is possible to set a new password from the e-mail address used during registration: simply click on "LOGIN" and select the link "Forgot your password?" below the Password field. Once you enter your email and click Reset Password, you will receive an email containing a special link to set a new password.
  • I placed an order but entered the delivery address incorrectly. How can I do?
    If the order has not yet been shipped, it is possible to request its correction or cancellation by sending an email or contacting us by phone.
  • Can I cancel an order placed?
    It is possible to request the cancellation of the order if it has not yet been processed: contact us. In case of cancellation, the full amount of the order will be refunded.
  • Can I avail myself of the Right of Withdrawal?
    It is possible to exercise the Right of Withdrawal and be reimbursed according to the law: click here for details< /u>
  • Is it possible to have a parcel delivered abroad?
    Yes, it is possible, contact us at the company for details.
  • Not being usually at home during office hours, can I have the purchased product delivered to my workplace?"
    Yes, it is possible to indicate a different shipping address from the payment/billing address during the purchase.
  • Is it possible to purchase different products with a single transaction?
    Of course, you can add as many products as you want to your cart and proceed with the purchase in a single solution.
  • What is the credit card CVV code?
    The CVV code is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your credit card and is required to confirm ownership of the card.
  • Once a purchase has been made, how can I verify that the operation was successful?"
    You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your order has been successfully registered. You can also access your account by clicking on "LOGIN" and then check all your orders.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Cantina Grandi, on average, is able to deliver the products purchased within 72 working hours of receiving the order. The indicative times for the delivery of each product, as well as those of an entire order, are indicated on the product sheet and in the cart summary. Orders are shipped by express courier.
  • Is it possible to check the status of the shipment?
    Yes, an email will be sent to you with the code to track your package.
  • What should I do if the product I purchased does not arrive?
    You can check the status of the shipment in the order details by accessing your Cantina Grandi account. In case you need assistance, you can contact us directly by email or by telephone at our references.
  • What happens if an ordered product is no longer available?
    In the unlikely event that an ordered product is no longer available, we will refund your order as soon as possible.
  • I received a damaged bottle, how can I return it and be refunded?"
    If you receive one or more damaged bottles at your address, contact us immediately via email or by telephone at our contact details. You may be asked to send us the bottle to be returned and to send us some photos with a description of the damage via email (photo of the damaged product, complete photo of the Cantina Grandi shipping box, legible photo of the shipping label on the damaged box, photo of the courier delivery receipt) to enable us to verify the problem and take appropriate action. During delivery, if obvious damage to the packaging and contents is found, it is necessary to sign the copy of the delivery receipt that the courier holds, indicating I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE and specifying the problem encountered e.g. wet package, broken package, reconditioned package etc.).
  • The wine tastes corked, what can I do?"
    The corky scent is transmitted to the wine from the cork, when the cork is attacked by a harmless mold of the cork oak. It can sometimes overwhelm the organoleptic properties of the wine; not infrequently, it can be confused with characteristics of some wines, such as accentuated woody or toasted hints. If you find the corky scent in one or more wines, you can contact us. Subsequently, it will be necessary to send the bottles deemed non-compliant to the Cantina Grandi headquarters through the return procedure; the product or products must be returned with at least 2/3 of the contents and with the original cap; the bottle or bottles must be shipped in Cantina Grandi packaging to preserve its integrity. Upon receipt of the bottles, the Cantina Grandi sommelier will proceed to verify the reported defect and, if it is confirmed, Cantina Grandi will refund the relative bottles.
  • Can I receive the invoice for the purchased product?
    Yes, at the time of purchase you can enter your VAT number and unique code. In any case you will receive the chosen document via email after payment together with the order confirmation. In case of non-receipt, you can request it by contacting us.
  • I saw a promotion, it is currently finished. Can I still join the offer?"
    Some products may be offered at a promotional price for a limited time or quantity. At the end of the promotion, the product will be available at the displayed price. Some promotions may also be offered later, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter so as not to miss out on any discounts.
  • I would like to stop receiving your newsletters, what can I do?"
    Just log into your Account, select "Newsletter" and then "I do not want to receive newsletters" or click on the appropriate unsubscribe link contained in each newsletter. In any case, you can change the frequency of receiving our newsletters from your account. Once you have unsubscribed from our newsletter, your account will still remain active and the credentials already in your possession will allow you to access Cantina Grandi to make purchases or consult the site.
  • More questions, how can I contact customer support?"
    The assistance service is provided free of charge via email or by telephone to our contacts.
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