What is Jeet Kune Do (JKD)?

JKD is Bruce Lee's Martial Art, focused maximum efficiency and authentic expression of oneself. The art is built on the finesse and flexibility of Chinese Kung Fu, synergized with modern styles (like western boxing) to make it extremely practical and unique. The original MMA for street combat, JKD will help you become more capable and unlock your inner power!

What is the JKD lineage at Centerline?

Centerline was founded by Sifu Collin Lieberman, a full JKD instructor with 20+ years of experience in the art. He is certified under his longtime teacher and mentor, Sifu Raffi Derderian, who is certified under both Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Kevin Seaman.

What are some of the advantages of non-traditional martial arts training?

Non-traditional training is the type you might find at a boxing or MMA gym, and tends to be less formal, more athletic, and no-nonsense. Students will select and sharpen a handful of skills to be used effectively in the near-term and discard those which don’t serve them. JKD classes have elements of both traditional and non-traditional training.

What happens in a typical class?

Every class begins with a good warm-up (footwork, mobility, and calisthenics). Next, the class works on understanding and sharpening specific techniques (shadow boxing, bag work, or mitt work). Finally, we spend time applying those techniques, either through sparring drills or scripted applications.

Are there belts and uniforms?

Jeet Kune Do students are required to wear a Centerline T-Shirt to each class. We don’t wear belts or traditional uniforms, however students will earn ranks as they work through the curriculum.

Is JKD right for me?

This class is versatile enough to inspire and challenge nearly anybody, however if you are seeking a dynamic and direct martial art and you are a fan of Bruce Lee, then JKD may be excellent for you! Your best bet is try a few classes and see if it’s the perfect fit.


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