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Recioto Vivace DOCG, our Riserva Traditional Method

Recioto Vivace DOCG, our Riserva Traditional Method

Recioto Vivace, a wine with an unmistakable taste and a thousand-year history. This sweet and intense wine is produced only in particularly favorable years such as the Reserves, with super-selected Garganega grapes, cultivated with the utmost care in the Colli di Gambellara. Wine that excites from the first sip, with an intense aroma of ripe fruit and a delicate sweetness that conquers the palate. Its persistence in the mouth makes it a refined and complex wine. Our Recioto Vivace is produced using traditional winemaking techniques to preserve the authentic character of the Garganega variety. The result is a wine with a balanced taste and incomparable freshness after 48 months on the lees, capable of best expressing the qualities of the Veneto region.

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Vitigno Garganega 100%

Native grape variety Garganega 100%

Vino prodotto in località Giaroni

Located Giaroni in Gambellara

Vino Biologico

Organic Certificate

Tipo di vino bianco fermo

White Wine

Tasso alcolico del 11,5 %

11,5% Alcoholic VOL

Vino con profumo fruttato, con sentori di viola e frutti rossi di sottobosco

Floral and fruity, roses and berries

Vino Maturato 3 mesi sui lieviti in vasche di acciaio

Maturation of 3 months on the yeast in steel tanks

Gambellara DOC



Solo Lei white

Solo Lei White - Flat White Wine DOC Garmellara with Organic Garganega Grapes


The Garganega vine is the most important white grape variety in the province of Vicenza. With a lot of scents among which almond and white flowers stand out, Garganega is a balance of extracts and sugars. With pentagonal leaves with pronounced teeth; long, cylindrical and slightly loose bunches. Golden yellow grapes, the Garganega in this wine is coming from the foothills, in the Giaroni area.

and production

Solo Lei is the result of at least three months of aging on the fine lees called batonage in steel barrels.

The method enriches the structure and the olfactory part of the wine even more, bringing the taste to very high levels of quality.

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