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Solo Lei Rosè - Pas Dosé Traditional Method

Solo Lei Rosè - Pas Dosé Traditional Method

Tai Rosso is a native red grape variety of the Berici hills area, a Grenage arrived from France over 500 years ago and acclimatised with a beautiful olfactory panorama, with a marked acidity. In 2005, the Istituto Superiore di Conegliano ascertained the kinship of this vine with the Cannonau of Sardinia, the Gamay of Trasimeno and the Spanish Garnacha. Tai Rosso is a vigorous vine which needs particular exposure to light and heat to express itself at its best, which is why we cultivate it at the highest point of the Berici Hills in Acque di Lonigo (VI). It is perfectly adapted to leaner and drier terroirs, which is why it has found an ideal habitat on the Berici hills in a calcareous-clay soil. Light fruity, with hints of rose and red berries, fresh with a refermentation in the bottle for 15-18 months. It lends itself well from the aperitif, combined with summer dishes such as a tomato and mozzarella caprese, a pizza, pasta with basil pesto up to white meats.

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Vitigno Garganega 100%

Native grape variety Garganega 100%

Vino prodotto in località Giaroni

Located Giaroni in Gambellara

Vino Biologico

Organic Certificate

Tipo di vino bianco fermo

White Wine

Tasso alcolico del 11,5 %

11,5% Alcoholic VOL

Vino con profumo fruttato, con sentori di viola e frutti rossi di sottobosco

Floral and fruity, roses and berries

Vino Maturato 3 mesi sui lieviti in vasche di acciaio

Maturation of 3 months on the yeast in steel tanks

Gambellara DOC



Solo Lei white