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Tenuta Natalina Grandi

Five generations of producers, a single territory. The “Tenuta Natalina Grandi” displays the passion passed from father to son. Production takes place entirely on our family’s ten hectares of property, split between Gambellara and Lonigo, across rolling hills and plains. Our pure grapes are organically processed, producing decisive flavor and a natural finish that showcases the mineral origins of the land.

Cantina Grandi

The value of the land is highlighted by our organic production

Our wines

From still to spumante wines, spanning both Italian and classic methods of production, you have ample choices.

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Come savor our wines and see our organic production in person.


La cantina

The terrior

The freshness on the palate, the light alcohol content, and the high acidity of our Prosecco, our “Solo Lei” and our Cabernet are a result of fruit grown in Giaroni, a locality in the plains. The grapevines in the Gambellara plains benefit from river-borne volcanic sediment, while the hills in the locality of Monte di Mezzo produce smaller, but higher quality yields due to sparser clusters and volcanic soil, composed predominantly of basalt.

Our Gambellara classic DOC and Recioto Spumante DOCG wines, both with medium-high alcohol content, are truly unique products.

Our Recioto Vivace DOCG is the high point of our limited edition.  Established only in special years, this extraordinary wine is born from a refined selection of grapes from our oldest production areas.

The Framarin family

Through the grapevines of the Grandis’ propriety in Gambellara, five generations of winemakers have passed: a passion for wine and a love of the land has been handed down from father to son until 1991 when Natalina Grandi decided to open the winery. Her homemade passion became a winery when Natalina’s husband Giovanni Framarin and their son, Luca, and daughters, Lisa and Valentina transformed it onto the estate “Tenuta”.   

The vine

Greater freshness on the palate and marked acidity is typical of wines that hail from the plains of Gambellara, and Giaroni in particular. With sediment brought by rivers and gravel mixed with volcanic soil, this land naturally enhances the flavor of the resulting wines. The rolling hills in the locality of Monte di Mezzo, thanks to ample sun exposure, produce wines with higher alcohol content.  While there is smaller overall production due to the thin soil in this region, at the same time the bunches are sparse and better aerated. In accordance with the DOCG procedural guideline, our Recioto is produced in the oldest and most classical area.  

The production

In order to protect the grapes from premature crushing and thereby prevent the resulting must from losing the nose of the wine, Cantina Grandi harvests their grapes by hand. The Framarin family and helpers harvest the grapes themselves, because this is a tradition for the children, Luca, Lisa and Valentina, and their father, Giovanni. The harvested grapes then go through a soft crush at no more than 2 bars, so as to not crush the seeds or stalks.



Discover our still wines
Gambellara Classico, Solo Lei (Gambellara DOC) e Cabernet IGT

Still wines

With floral and fruity hints, as well as herbs and minerals, Cantina Grandi’s still wines are produced from pure grapes. The vines, growing on the hills and plains of Gambellara, are cultivated with sustainable methods that bring great quality to the end result – a glass full of flavor.


Ruby red, with elegant flavor and low tannins, is the pure Cabernet Franc

Solo Lei

Gambellara DOC that comes from pure Garganega grapes; it’s the white of the plains.

Colle di Mezzo

From the classic area of Gambellara, this white is refined in French oak barrels.


Red structured, with an elegant mouthful, accompanied by elegant notes of barrique

Vin Santo 

Produced with the best grapes, dried for 150 days in a fruit stand, Limited Edition


With fermentation in autoclave performed entirely in our winery, the Italian “charmat” method spumanti- Marinotti by Grandi, are distinguished by a fine “perlage” and very pleasant taste from the pure grapes.



Straw yellow with floral scent, it’s the perfect wine for aperitifs and meals.

Il Ricordo

Sparkling wine of Gambellara made from an earlier harvest.

Recioto Spumante

From grapes selected in our oldest vineyards and dried for 120 days.

Durello Doc Lessini Spumante Brut

Paglierino yellow color with fine and persistent bubbles, a light bouquet of yeasts and spicy notes

Rosè 20.20

20 hours of maceration on the skins and 20 weeks of re-fermentation in autoclave.


Sparkling champenoise method

Made from selected grapes from the hills of Gambellara and produced only in the finest years, the Recioto Vivace of Cantina Grandi is the result of drying in a controlled temperature room, crushing, and a second fermentation in French oak barrels: it’s an ancient method that remains only in the Framarin family.

Recioto Vivace

With the fine shortly persistent “perlage,” it’s a truly unique wine.

Durello Classic Method

Paglierino yellow color with fine and persistent bubbles.



An organic process to preserve purity

Tenuta Natalina Grandi
Via Battaglione Vicenza 8
36053 Gambellara (VI)
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